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Escape game for your Team Building

The best idea

No doubt! What is the best way to encourage and boost team spirit? In the game of escape players will first have to share the tasks in a playful but well organised way. Also it’s not always the smartest one who finds the solution! And that’s where some members of a team will be able to positively impress their colleagues. All that in the joy and good mood, there is no better way to rally the team!
Upon request we can welcome your team with little extras, such as a welcome drink or snacks. Also we can decorate & modify the reception and/or the game itself with the attributes of your company.

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Escape game is a team game by definition : you find yourself locked in the escape room with a small or medium-sized group of players. In this situation you can only use your logic and rely on each other to find the way out.

Naturally it is the perfect activity to stimulate the group cohesion.
Your company did not know how to organise your team building activity? They thought about visiting museums, but it leaves you cold? Do not hesitate any longer, give them an idea to do the team building in our escape game.

This activity is one of the best ways to awaken the teamspirit and all this while having fun and living nice moments. So if you were looking for something to do as a company entertainment, stop looking for - escape room is what you actually wanted.

Company activities for any moment and occasion

Not only is our escape game open every day of the year, even on public holidays and during school holidays, but also our reservation is not complicated at all.

So it’s easy to squeeze the 60 minutes entertainment between two of your other leisure activities. If your work schedule does not allow it during usual working hours, you can simply book an evening session. Moreover as we are located in the center of Brussels our game is easy to access.

Should there be no place for tonight, don’t worry because there will surely be an option this weekend or another day of the week. In case your company is more willing to do your team building during the holidays, it’s not a problem either.

Fun activities stimulating better teamwork

You did not want to take part in a seminar with your company, you wanted to do something more fun like for instance an amusement park?
But unfortunately you did not know what else to do, because an amusement park is not what companies usually attend.

We are the first escape game in Brussels city center and we make team buildings every day. So if your boss does not know what to visit or what activity to organise, show him our site, we are sure he will be convinced by the idea and by our good location in the city center of Brussels, the capital of Belgium .

We are located nearby the Grand Place, so you can get fast everywhere in Brussel, do not hesitate anymore, even if you want to book a visit during the weekend or even on Sunday. Reservation takes a few minutes, just follow the instructions on our website. If you have any questions, we are ready to answer it during the week and on weekends, just give us a phone call or send an e-mail.
Our game moderator is there to answer any questions you may have.

In any case one thing is certain is that when you come out, you will have a good time and you will not regret it. Do not be afraid to get stuck in the room because our game moderator will guide you if he sees that you are not getting anywhere.

So if you're looking for the right Team Building, you can stop - our escape room is what you want!

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